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Opened January 1st, 2018!

We are excited to add a SECOND location: 2032 2nd Ave between 104th and 105th Streets.

(646) 882-0405 or email: to sign up today!


The Kids classes!

Intro Offer!


Tiny Cubs – ages 3 & 4 years old

Little Cubs – ages 5-7 years old

Jr. Tigers – ages 8-12 years old

I have always enjoyed children, but teaching them martial arts did not come naturally. My first attempt to tame wild children was … shocking. If you told me then that I would found my own children’s martial arts school, I would have thought you were crazy. I discovered quickly that children learn in a very different way than adults. Throughout all this time I have learned a great deal about how to work with kids. To be more exact, they taught me how to work with them. If I can just be myself with them, have fun and follow a few simple rules, everyone has a great time. Though, I specially love when the parents get caught up in class and start shouting out the answers. The moms and dads I am talking about know who they are!
Teaching martial arts to children is, for some, automatically a bad idea. They think it is about violence. To bring a child who may or may not be having a behavioral problem to a school where they will learn to punch and kick does not make sense. But the truth is very different. Discipline, self control and respect are embedded into every lesson. In the Pouncing Tigers classes the students learn to listen more carefully and respond respectfully. And they do it with a smile. They don’t realize they will improve at school work, get along with others more easily and work harder at everything they do. Even children with developmental issues like ADD and ADHD excel when they participate in a good martial arts program. It happens all the time.

Belt Promotion

Belt Promotion Form

Belt Promotions are the last Saturday of February, June and October.  Also during the Full Cycle Belt Promotion week of the Summer Program Camp.

Make you sure you fill out the belt promotion form during the first week in the month of the promotion.

The Adult Classes!


In the Kickboxing classes our main goals are to get a good workout and have fun doing it.  We use kickboxing techniques to get in and stay in shape.  By learning a real skill as we work out the time flies by.  We love when people come into class and suddenly realize how much they have learned and how much stronger they are from when they first started.  We don’t mind when someone has a hard time in their first classes or if they cant finish some of the exercises.  Because we know when they are able to complete everything they will be able to see how far they have come.

And hitting things just feels good sometimes.

The Adult Kickboxing classes are for those looking to not only get a great workout, but to develop a skill.  The skill is straight up kickboxing techniques with a fun playlist to keep your juices flowing!  This class is fitness based utilizing actual kickboxing skills.  This is NOT a dance/aerobics class taught by someone with who has never thrown a punch before!

Imagine looking forward to working out.  Imagine working out with other like-minded people where the time seems to fly by.

Hapkido Classes are self defense classes with a more traditional approach for Teens and Adults.  Working toward your Black Belt, you will learn not only martial arts skills like throwing and join-locks but also the principles of a more peaceful fulfilling lifestyle.  A Black Belt is a White Belt who never gave up.  This class is for people with serious goals.  Come take a look.


Pricing Options

115 W128th Street, New York City





About Ken Gibson

Mr. Gibson is the founder and Head Instructor of Pouncing Tigers. For over 20 years he has been training in martial arts. He started training as a teenager with Hapkido and continued on to train in Russian Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Farang Mu Sul, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Escrima and Estacada. He received his first black belt in 1993 at the age of  18 years old. For a short time, he even fought professionally in Mixed Martial Arts. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine and is also the owner of Harlem Holistic Center.

For over a decade he has been teaching children and adults in various martial art schools throughout New York City . He’s taught in many afterschool programs during this time and loves working with people of all ages. “Teaching children is a joy to me and my classes are unique. Keeping things entertaining as well as educational is one key to success with young minds.  I love to mix it up with the adults and get a little more serious.  Though I still enjoy some levity in the adult classes too.”

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“Keeping things entertaining as well as educational is one key to success with young minds”.  Ken Gibson


Pouncing Tigers Martial arts for children is a combination of complementary martial arts styles. It is designed to teach children that respect and learning are fun. Strength building games, listening exercises and martial arts techniques are covered in every class. The martial arts techniques in the Pouncing Tigers classes have been specifically crafted to challenge the students and to encourage their success beyond the dojo, now and for years to come. The goal is to plant a seed now so that a love of martial arts, and the excellent habits that come with it, will grow with your child for the rest of their lives. And they love it!

My hopes for my daughter

I hope my daughter will have Self Confidence. I hope she will have Fortitude. I hope she will be Disciplined enough to work hard. To know she will succeed if she practices regularly. That she will be challenged and learn to overcome obstacles with Perseverance. I hope she develops habits of health and fitness that will last her whole life. To know she is not better than anyone else, but can excel beyond the norm if she puts in the time and consistency. I hope she enjoys herself most of the time and learns to not give up when things are difficult. I hope she will be brave enough to make mistakes, and wise enough to learn from them. I hope she will help build a more peaceful world and be able to protect herself any time she might need to. I hope she can forgive. I hope she can love. I hope she will always have gratitude in her heart for all she has and all she can become. And, I hope she earns her black belt.

Because I have seen this happen with so many students already, I don’t believe I am asking too much. I believe we should have clear expectations of our children. I think they should know we expect a lot from them. They should know we love them and support them and that we want them to succeed. And when they don’t succeed, they should know we expect them to learn and keep trying.

I hope my students become honorable adults and earn respect where ever they go. I hope they smile easily and

are filled with self confidence. I hope they contribute to their community and set examples for those who look up to them, as surely there will one day be.

Teaching the Virtues of Martial Arts to create the habit of SUCCESS!

Birthdays With Pouncing Tigers!

You Child’s next unforgettable birthday should be at Pouncing Tigers!


Option1. The main event: Party

$300. Up to 12 kids, Additional kids $25 each (24 kids max)

You supply the food, goody bags and décor. We make the party unforgettable and make sure everyone has the best memories of their young lives. We can help set up and take down.


Option 2. Party and Decorations

$420. Up to 12 kids, Additional kids $25 each (24 kids max)

We supply the fun and we set up a martial arts birthday party. Just bring your own goodie bags snacks, drinks and favorite birthday cake. We setup, clean up and conduct the same unforgettable party as Option 1.


Option 3. Come. Party. Go

$560. Up to 12 kids, Additional kids $30 each (24 kids max)

We supply the cake, drinks, snacks, flatware, décor, pizza, goody bags, setup, takedown, and everything in between. You show up, party down, and walk away with a smile at the end.


*All parties are for up to 12 kids. More than 12 kids coming? No problem, there is an additional fee per child up to 24 maximum.   Birthday guest of honor gets to cut the cake with a sword, break a board in front of everyone and is otherwise heralded as Awesome! We run extremely fun and also safe martial arts themed parties. Parties run about 90 minutes and are structured through out.  Parents can stay and watch or come back at the end.


Summer Program

Pouncing Tigers Summer Program 2018 Information

For ages 5 years to 12 years                             115 W 128th Street (between Lenox & 7th Ave.)

2018 Details and Forms coming Soon!

Check out Last Years Themes:

Summer Program Weekly Themes 2017

Summer Registration Form 2017

Summer Information


Pouncing Tigers 2018 Summer Program is a Ten-week program running from June 25th – August 31st 

Hours are from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Extended Day hours are from: 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm



  • Discount for those who register before the end of the day Saturday April 30th, 2016 and have paid in full.
  • 10% Sibling discount is available for all siblings of the first child registered at regular price.
  • Discounts cannot be combined and are available only on the cost of the regular summer program, not on Extended Day rates.


Refunds are available up to one month prior to start date, minus a $100.00 handling fee. Refunds will not be offered after one month prior to the start date, nor will refunds be offered during the program.


  • Fill out and return the registration form. Emails can be sent to:
  • Fill out and return the Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability Form.
  • Submit a $150 deposit to hold your reservation.
  • Select the weeks of attendance.


Each student will receive 2 Pouncing Tiger Summer Program tee shirts. The Summer Program tee shirts must be worn daily to classes. Additional shirts can be purchased for $15 each.

Lunch and Snacks

Students will need to bring their own lunch and full water bottle to class every day. Sorry, we cannot provide food.


Winter/Spring Program 2018

Download the Winter/Spring Program Registration Form here.

Ages 5 to 12 year olds

Winter 2018: February 19th – 23rd (Space is limited, sign up early!)

Spring 2018: April 2nd – 6th (Space is limited, sign up early!)

8:00 am to 3:30 pm

See the the flier HERE, and the form for details.  Open to non-members as well!

Check out our video from last year’s Winter Program!


Pouncing Tigers Martial Arts

We have classes every day of the week.

see the Full Schedule HERE
115 W 128th St (7th & Lenox)

Contact Us

We are located in Harlem.

115 W128th Street, Ground floor.
New York, New York 10027
Subway: Take the 2 or 3 train to 125th Street
Bus: Take the M7, M102 to Lenox and 128th St.

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