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  • Great class! The instructor was excellent at engaging the kids. Even my shy little guy participated.

  • My son was so hesitant at first, but the instructor was so kind and patient. 15 min into the class, he was interacting and really enjoying himself. He will definitely be back.

  • For someone who have wanted to take martial arts lessons for a while and grew up watching fair share for martial arts movies, this is the place to be. There is strong emphasis on not just self-defense but also on safety and proper application of the techniques and the core values of martial arts. If you want to learn new techniques with practical application and would like to get stronger, all the while having a blast, I would recommend the Hapkido classes (it does follow a belt system so regular attendance is recommended). Mr Gibson, the head instructor, runs an amazing operation and makes the learning more fun and inclusive.

  • If I could give this place more than 5 stars, I definitely will. Mr.Gibson and Ms.Deborah are incredibly polite, kind and so very professional! The entire team is awesome but Ms.Deborah and Mr.Gibson are the ones I've dealt with directly, so I can say this with authenticity!

    I tried testing another program in Harlem (MMA Kids Fight back) and what a world of difference in how they treat people! I called MMA to see if they offer free trials to prospective students (my son is 5) and the person who picked up claiming to be the "Master" of the studio replied "that parents need to be committed and that he's been doing this for 30yrs, so is pretty sure he's good" My unspoken reaction was like "no way in hell my child is learning from someone so devoid of basic manners"!

    Ms.Deborah and Mr.Gibson were the complete opposite, even though they've got a lot to boast about. In any case, I made my decision based on the strong value alignment in addition to entrusting my child with a reputable institution.

    Ms. Deborah is such a humble, strong, kind, and lovely human being! The customer service desk at the West Harlem studio was packed when I came in yet she never lost her cool and took her time to explain everything to everyone with inquiries and treated everyone with respect and kindness. She's a rock star and I am so very proud to be associated with Pouncing Tigers. I can't recommend them enough!!!

  • Both my boys have been going to Pouncing Tigers for almost 2 years and LOVE it! They have big goals to become black belts and want to continue their journey with Pouncing Tigers until they do. They love their main instructor Mr Anthony so very much and also love when they get surprised by a class with Mr Gibson himself! Thank you for supporting my boys both through martial arts and generally in their day to day life.

  • This is a great martial arts school for kids. Ken and his team are fantastic. They're professional, cordial, patient and all around good guys. His other instructor, Anthony, at the 2nd Avenue location is such a great compliment to Ken's team.

    Plus the kids love and respect these guys. Our little guy has definitely become more discipline and focused since taking classes over the last few months.

  • We cannot say enough good things about the staff and the quality of the programming at Pouncing Tigers. I have a 7 year old who has been going for years and he is excited to go. Ken and Alex are thoughtful, kind and firm in a way that the kids really respond. A real gem in this city.

  • I Love this place! The staff has been amazing with my son.... He has changed so much since he started Pouncing Tigers!!! His focus, self discipline, self confidence, demeanor and class participation has greatly improved in such a short period of time!!!! He loves the staff who has been great in teaching him what he needs to know!!! They take time to educate the future black belts of tomorrow!!! I really suggest this place as it is truly a gem!

  • Always an amazing class. my son has been going for 3 years and has definitely developed under Mr. Ken

  • My son loves everything about Pouncing Tigers. They build their students up in every way.

  • My son, wife and I love this School. The staff are amazing and I say it with great Pride. From Mr. Gibson, Mr. Chris to Mr. Anthony ( sorry guys to many to mention ) are all wonderful people. My son Matthew has been in the East Side School from the day they opened and loves it. Men Anthony is an amazing instructor and takes pride in teaching all the children and is also extremely patient with the students. Mr. Jahmel is also another instructor that is very knowledgeable and expects greatness from the students. My son loves it and looks forward to classes. I would recommend this School to any parent looking for a GREAT Martial Arts School. Oh they also teach adults if you are interested. I say go check it out for yourself (you will not be disappointed) thank you to both East and West side schools for welcoming us into your family as my family welcomes you into ours.

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